Hangar 1070

Aerovation is located at Tucson International Airport (KTUS). Aerovation’s facilities accommodate complete aircraft operations, maintenance, and modification for both commercial and special mission projects. The largest aircraft modification facility has the capability to hangar up to a Boeing 737-sized aircraft. All infrastructures are closed to public access and are fully within the airport security zone.

The 1070 facility hosts nearly all steps in the aircraft modification process, from procurement to installation.

Here, Aerovation performs maintenance inspections, wire harness installations, structural installations, and ground tests.

Hangar 1070 has been approved by DCMA (GFR-C approved).

Our avionics laboratory is temperature controlled and equipped to carry out complex system integrations.

In our sheet metal shop, we fabricate the parts and components necessary to modify the aircraft.

Full-service Sheet Metal Shop

Avionics Laboratory

Laser Wire Marker

Harness Build Shop

Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL)

Mechanical & Electrical Shops

Ground Support Equipment

Secure Storage & Receiving

Parts Room

Dust Booth

GSE Service Areas

FAA Repair Station

Aerovation’s FAA Part 145 Repair Station number is H3ER052N.

Visit our profile here. View our Air Agency Certificate here.

This facility has been approved by the Defense Management Contract Agency (DCMA) and is GFR-C approved. Aerovation’s highly skilled, certificated team consists of eight air frame and power-plant technicians. Our technicians have significant military and civilian aircraft experience.

Aerovation’s repair station hosts 20,590 square feet of hangar space and 10,792 square feet of back-shop support.

Small Aircraft Hangars

Aerovation’s small aircraft hangar facilities are also located at the Tucson International Airport. These facilities offer the space and equipment for complete operations, testing, maintenance, and modification of our customer’s aircraft. Facilities include mechanical and electrical shops along with ground support equipment.

Portable Engine Test Stands (PETS)

The Aerovation team developed and operates two fully instrumented portable engine test stands which accommodate thrust up to 16,000 pounds. Find out more on our Capabilities page here.